Jan 15, 2011

Our Apartment

 These pictures were requested by two of the three people who read our blog. Here they are you two!

The Kitchen: notice the nice black mold spot on the wall.

The Living Room: we tried to play the Price is Right Cliff Hanger game on the mountain, but when that didn't work we decided to paint over it.

Who would have guessed that our apartment came with a custom paint job of Mike's favorite saying?

The Bathroom: notice the four sets of curtain rings needed to make the shower curtain long enough.

Apparently people in Germany take their lights with them when they move, just normal lights. So we only had lights in our bathroom and kitchen for the first couple weeks. 
The Bedroom: with plenty of room for the pillow pets.
Our little patio area

Jan 7, 2011

Our Last Cafe Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Maas

Being far away from all the sadness of the moment, we only remember the happy memories with Grandpa, and memories of the old cafe are among the happiest.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to the Frost's house, some of our new German friends (from the ward).
Their tree wasn't quite as nice as ours (some branches in a pot) but it was pretty. Here it's tradition to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.
Cornelius was a little sick, but did not want to go to bed until dinner and presents.
As you can see he pepped up by the time the presents came around!
Celeste in her Princess outfit.
 She loved the heels so much she continued to wear them even after slipping and falling on the floor multiple times. 

We had a lot of fun at their house. We had a delicious German dinner with Rotkohl, Spätzle, and some kind of pork with sauce and chocolate mousse for dessert. 
It was fun to have a German Christmas and see the kids open presents on Christmas eve. 

Christmas Day Fun!!!

After we opened presents, and when we realized that we didn't have any family around, we headed out to play in the snow. 

This was are attempt at a snowman. Fresh powder is not the best for snowman making.
So we went in before our nice snow outfits were soaked through.

Jan 6, 2011

Pictures from the random things we did during Christmas time.

We went to a few Christmas Markets. All the Germans in the ward that haven't been the the states can't believe that we don't have Christmas Markets. A couple of the asked me "then what do you do during Christmas time?" 

This isn't a very good picture, but this is the Christmas Bahn. It's an old tram car that's all decorated inside and out and drives around on Sundays only during December. After Church one week we were waiting for our usual Bahn #23, and this is what came. When we got on they were selling Glühwein and other hot drinks, but the best part was instead of a computer voice announcing the stops a little kids was yelling them out. "Nächste haltestelle, Georgi-Markt Platz!" It was pretty funny. 

Jan 4, 2011

I saw this movie yesterday...

In German.

A lady from my ward invited me to see it with her. 
So I went. 
I felt like I pretty much got the point of the movie, but then I came home and Mike asked me to tell him about it. So I was explaining it to him and part way through I started thinking how I might just be completely making up what went on through the entire film!
I don't think I'm going to let Mike see it. I think it will just reassure me how horrible I really am at understanding German. 
I did enjoy what I thought was going on and there were definitely some fun/funny parts, but my favorite part was this song. Hope you like it too.