Sep 28, 2010

A Trip to...

Since Mannheim is the closest big city, we decided we'd better go have a look around.

The Wasserturm (water tower) and Schloss (castle turned university) were quite impressive, but there really wasn't too much to see.  However, rumor has it that Mannheim has a killer night life.  At least that's what the people in Mike's program say! Every city is rated by it's night life, but then again what else is there to rate a city on anyway?  

Sep 18, 2010

Visitors Welcome!

 We're here in Germany, Leimen to be exact.
You can find us on...

Just walk down the street until you see this building....

Here's the door...

 Give us a buzz on our "Taylor" button and we'll let you in!

Hope to see you all very soon. 

Sep 16, 2010

A Day in...

Köln (Cologne)

You can't tell how cool it looks from here but this is Mike walking out of the Köln Train Station, and there is the cathedral right behind him.  And right outside the train station doors you stand at the feet of this gigantic cathedral that began construction in the 1200s and took over 600 years to complete.

After looking at the incredible architecture, we decided to take the 533 step journey to the top, which didn't seem quite as exciting after we took our first step and a lady stammered down past us panting, "I'm never doing that again!" I have to admit, we were a little tired when we reached the top.  On the way back down, we heard some American girls complaining, "Is this how it's going to be the whole way up," acting like they were going to die.  Two turns later and about 20 steps, we reached the bottom. They must have had a wonderful time...

Sep 15, 2010

Thank You Air India!

Thank you Mom for the soft Pillow Pets (Snarls & Lammy) that kept us warm and cozy. 

Thank you Indian woman sitting next to us for telling us all about your son, and then deciding you needed to call him right then on OUR cell phone. 

Thank you Air India for giving us these "Tasty Nuts" that were so spicy no American could eat more that 5! 

Thank you for having this delicious airplane curry, hard rolls and plain sour yogurt. 

Not to mention this mess we concluded to be worm soup. 

Thank you first class fliers for making all the other passengers jealous of what appeared to be some sort of dance party night club.

Thank you Frankfurt Airport for having a 2 mile (at least) walk to the connecting train station, so we could carry our 4 60ish pound bags, 2 backpacks, 1side bag, 2 pillow pets, 4 jackets and sweaters, and a violin all the way there. 

And finally, Thank you Mike for having such big muscles and carrying two thirds of the luggage!