Sep 15, 2010

Thank You Air India!

Thank you Mom for the soft Pillow Pets (Snarls & Lammy) that kept us warm and cozy. 

Thank you Indian woman sitting next to us for telling us all about your son, and then deciding you needed to call him right then on OUR cell phone. 

Thank you Air India for giving us these "Tasty Nuts" that were so spicy no American could eat more that 5! 

Thank you for having this delicious airplane curry, hard rolls and plain sour yogurt. 

Not to mention this mess we concluded to be worm soup. 

Thank you first class fliers for making all the other passengers jealous of what appeared to be some sort of dance party night club.

Thank you Frankfurt Airport for having a 2 mile (at least) walk to the connecting train station, so we could carry our 4 60ish pound bags, 2 backpacks, 1side bag, 2 pillow pets, 4 jackets and sweaters, and a violin all the way there. 

And finally, Thank you Mike for having such big muscles and carrying two thirds of the luggage!

1 comment:

  1. Bah ha ha, I can't believe you have pillow pets! I saw that advert on tv and loved it!