Jan 4, 2011

I saw this movie yesterday...

In German.

A lady from my ward invited me to see it with her. 
So I went. 
I felt like I pretty much got the point of the movie, but then I came home and Mike asked me to tell him about it. So I was explaining it to him and part way through I started thinking how I might just be completely making up what went on through the entire film!
I don't think I'm going to let Mike see it. I think it will just reassure me how horrible I really am at understanding German. 
I did enjoy what I thought was going on and there were definitely some fun/funny parts, but my favorite part was this song. Hope you like it too. 


  1. You are so amazing! Hope you guys are enjoying your last week of freedom before classes start again! Thank you Mike for editing my letter! Without you I would have turned in a 5th grade paper. It is now Grad School worthy :)
    Love you guys!

  2. I love this song Sarah. So cute. I'm with you when I try to explain movies to Kurt sometimes, and they're in English. :D