Jan 15, 2011

Our Apartment

 These pictures were requested by two of the three people who read our blog. Here they are you two!

The Kitchen: notice the nice black mold spot on the wall.

The Living Room: we tried to play the Price is Right Cliff Hanger game on the mountain, but when that didn't work we decided to paint over it.

Who would have guessed that our apartment came with a custom paint job of Mike's favorite saying?

The Bathroom: notice the four sets of curtain rings needed to make the shower curtain long enough.

Apparently people in Germany take their lights with them when they move, just normal lights. So we only had lights in our bathroom and kitchen for the first couple weeks. 
The Bedroom: with plenty of room for the pillow pets.
Our little patio area


  1. Cute! I really like your apt. I'm still jealous you live in Germany.

  2. I love it. I love that you were able to paint the walls. Such a cute apartment!