Oct 10, 2011

Schwangau and Neuschwanstein

Being the sentimentalist we all know Mike is, this was his absolute favorite part of all of our Kaylee journeys. We were on our way to Italy and Mike mapped out a route to take us pass the Neuschwanstein castle that many know as the Sleeping Beauty castle. The castle is in a tiny town in southern Germany. The drive there was completely breathtaking and when we pulled off of the exit to head to the castle we heard an incredible sound:
The video quality is terrible, but you got it: Cowbells! These cows were roaming around the fields with the biggest cowbells you've ever seen.
This one looked like the Ol' Grandma Bossy of the group.
While we were driving toward Neuschwanstein, this castle caught us by surprise. Oh Germany, you and your many random castles.
Then we made it to the...
While we were searching for a parking spot we passed a spontaneous parade of 12 Ferraris followed by a classic Rolls Royce. Of course, we weren't quick enough to the draw to take a picture, but it was quite amazing. I took the opportunity to make fun of Mike for being so amazed at a bunch of cars.
Then, there she was, ol' Sleeping Beauty herself. We didn't quite get those aerial view pictures you see online, but it was still quite a castle.

It had been quite some time since Mike had been with his two favorite gals.

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