Aug 14, 2011

You know you're in Germany when...

the sale price of the ugliest backpacks in the world (note: at least 85% of German elementary school kids wear these) is 99 Euro!!!

 Note how big the backpack is on Sarah. If you don't believe us ask Kaylee, she saw it all. (I guess they are kind of practical though. With the hard plastic coating on three of the four sides, they could work as a backpack, a lunch box, a garbage can, a two-person toboggan in the winter, and a life jacket in case of a flood.)

1 comment:

  1. I love this! I couldn't stop laughing when I read it. In fact I read it three days ago and I am still laughing. I am sure they are very practical and handy, but picturing that giant thing on a little kid is so funny.