Aug 7, 2011

Due to Popular Demand

A few people have been begging to see Sarah's belly, so I finally talked her into letting me catch everyone up to speed. We haven't done the week-to-week portfolio, but I have been making Sarah do some great pregnant poses in public places while we've been travelling around lately.
Week 17                                                                                          Week 22

 Week 27
(I had to make Sarah pose a few extra times during our week in Switzerland.)

Week 28
Since I made Sarah pose on a ferry full of people, she made me do the same. (My pregnancy - week 1)

Now nobody can complain that you haven't seen Sarah's belly. For now on, I'll try to keep you up to date. 
Week 29 in the street car...and here is the most recent!!!


  1. I love all of these pictures!!!! You look so cute Sarah! Keep posting pictures! I miss you guys.

  2. She's so cute! When is she gonna get all puffy and fat like I did?! I love these pictures!

  3. CUTE!!! You look so good Sarah! We are so excited for you guys!

  4. Did I miss something??? I didn't even know you were expecting!! K you better email me or send me a facebook message with all your pregnancy details. Like when your due? What your having? and so on!! We are SO happy and excited for you guys... CONGRATS! There is nothing better!

  5. I love it. You are so cute pregnant--Sarah too :D. Just kidding. I love the pregnant pictures of Sarah. Congrats you guys. Your baby is coming soon! Hurray for Taylor babies!

  6. Oh my heck no one told me Sarah is pregnant. Thank goodness for these cute belly updates. She is beautiful as always. So happy for you guys!