Oct 26, 2010

A Trip to...

Taking the advice of one of our friends, we headed off to this small town just West of Heidelberg.  After the run-down train station and the streets filled with Turkish teenagers spitting every other step, we weren't too impressed.  Luckily, the closer we came to the old part of town, the better it got.
Fancy House

 Speyer High School

Downtown Speyer and the Pilgrim 
(marking the old pilgrimage path to the burial of the apostle James in Spain)

The Cathedral and other Churches

Despite our first impression, Speyer turned out to be pretty great.  Not to mention, they had the cheapest Gelato yet.

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  1. Okay so your blog has convinced me we NEED to visit Europe when Dev is done with school. Ya it will be like 6 more years but we will get there. How are you?? How is Europe? I am so happy for you guys... seriously who could say they have lived in Germany! I'm sure you guys are having the time of your lives. You should leave a comment on my blog with your email so we can catch up on things! Talk to you soon!