Feb 23, 2012

Trip to Frankfurt

Zinnia went on her first long train ride. We had to travel to Frankfurt the other day to get her a passport. It was about 12 degrees outside. Not fun. 

This is how she traveled on the way there. Four seats to herself.
 On the street of the US consulate. Remember it was freezing. 
Here is the cutest passport photo I've ever seen!

 On the way home after a very long, cold and tiring day. 

 Apparently really tiring. 


  1. It is byfar the cutest passport picture ever. Soon you guys will be back in the states! Hurray!

  2. I like this post! I'm so glad I actually get to meet Zinnia in real life soon. All of these cute pictures are making me more and more excited to come. You look beautiful little Sarah. I like the picture with your scarf. Now that is how you wear a scarf.

  3. when we went to frankfurt we couldn't wait to get back to cozy Heidelberg....I love that Zinnie Mini

  4. What precious cargo! Love the passport pictures. Hope you don't ever have to trade the passport in when she gets a new one. Love yall! :)