Jun 12, 2011

Trip to Romania (Day 2)

On day 2, we hopped on a direct train to Vienna.
 We didn't get as many pictures of Vienna as we did of Prague, but we were a little tired. The city is a lot prettier than our pictures make it look, but Vienna was also more of what we are used to. Austria is a lot like Germany, just with more beer and worse German. We would still recommend Vienna, but definitely make an actual plan of what to see and do.

We arrived late at night, just in time for me to eat McDonalds and Mike to eat a Döner. 
In the morning, we headed downtown and stepped out of the train to this bright white church. I don't know what kind of services they have inside, but from the outside it looked quite interesting.

Right around the corner was the Rathaus (city hall). You'll notice that all of the main buildings are bright white.

Just down the street we came to the Hofburg Palace where there were about a thousand (maybe that's a little exaggerated) carriages offering rides, but finding very few takers.
 And of course, what is a palace without a courtyard full of statues of the ancient aristocracy?
 We made our way to the main street, which we found out quickly was a little too fancy for our wallets. 
There were Fancy stores, Fancy people, 
and even Fancy dogs. 
But then again, what's the point of Fancy if it looks like this? Of course, I still thought it was cute because I think all dogs are cute, but Mike brought me back to reality.
 Despite feeling a little out of place in our giant-backpack-tourist apparel, the main street was really nice .
 Then right in the middle, as in every European city, there was another huge cathedral.
 We especially liked this one because it shows the German/Austrian way of renovating. They cover the renovations with a tarp that looks like the parts of the building being renovated.
 The church also had our all-time favorite roof.
 After a day of wandering through Vienna, we ended up at another nice Italian place. Mike went for the pepperoni pizza again and I got a delicious garlic pasta with thick, amazing noodles.

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  1. That dog has a sweet spirit.

    Love the pictures!