May 11, 2011

Strasbourg (part 2)

 Here is our tour guide Erik 

 It's a really nice city and that's about all there is to say. 


  1. I love how elaborate the buildings are. In response to your question about quilts. The red white and blue one is for Smith, and the blue on with just blue squares (further down the blog) is for Jeff and Michelle's baby. I still have Caleb and Chloe to make a quilt for and then once we find out what Beth's having I'll make one for them as well. :D

  2. Part two?! As if part one didn't already make me jealous enough. I love all of these pictures and feel like I must have the white house on the water. You and Mike look great! I love to see pictures of you two. It is so cool that you are having such amazing adventures in Europe. I miss you guys.