Apr 10, 2011

Some Final Pics from Switzerland

The farmlands from the top of a local tower.
The Alps off in the distance.
Lukas and Maaike (Mike's mission companion and his wife)
After the tower, we headed to the Bieler See and found this swan building a nest.
It was a little foggy, but still really pretty.
This picture is from too far away, but we saw some of those birds that run across the water.
We finished the day off by feeding the little birdies.
This castle was on the way home. On the way there, it was sunny and really pretty, but we weren't smart enough to stop and take a picture on the way.
This is also a sloppy picture, but it was a last ditch effort to catch a picture of the countryside from the car.


  1. So pretty! I want to go there so much!

  2. I love the little birds and the countryside.