Nov 27, 2010

Nov 26, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

(Photo of the hills in Leimen east of our apartment)

Our Thanksgiving

This was the second Thanksgiving (out of 4) that Mike and I have spent just with each other. 
The first was on our honeymoon and we make mashed potatoes in the microwave in the room's ice bucket.
This year we stepped it up a little and made the mashed potatoes in a pot. We didn't make turkey, but we did buy a rotisserie chicken from a Turkish man. We think that's close enough. 

We decided not to go formal, as you can tell from Mike's pajama pants. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2010

Top 5 Reasons why Mike loves studying here in Heidelberg...

1. Wooden benches with fold-down seats for the latecomers
2. Teachers using chalk...
...and a sponge
3. The library

 4. Die Hauptstrasse

5. The Heidelberg Center for American Studies (Mike's program's main building)

Nov 19, 2010

We Saw It!

That's Right! Harry Potter 7 (Part 1)!
It was pretty great. It was even in English too. 

We had to get popcorn since we don't have much of that here. 

We noticed these German's don't care about HP as much as they should as you can see by the turn out in the theater. 
We really liked the movie, but all I've got to say to those of you who have seen it is what was with that weird creepy part in the middle when Ron is worried about Harry and Hermione liking each other?

Nov 13, 2010

You know you're in Germany when... have one of these on your street corner. Just in case the store is closed and you run out of cigarettes, or you're just too lazy to walk all 4 blocks to the store, you can just walk to the corner cigarette vending machine. Plus, the biggest benefit of all is when your 10 year old decides they want to start smoking and you don't want to fund it, they can pick up their own on the way home from school. So, for all you future smokers out there, as soon as you are tall enough to ride the Colossus, you are tall enough to smoke. 

Nov 7, 2010

Happy Birthday David Hyrum Dad Taylor!!!

We were going to send you your dream birthday present, but there were just too many to choose from. So, we narrowed it down to these.

Depending on how your retirement is looking, we found you some money-makers.
Hoping that you won't have to resort to those, we found some that are a little more family-friendly.
But then again, at the rate you're going, these might be a little more fitting.
Here are some to match your age.
And after considering all of your options, we think this one's the best. 
(And we think your horses would agree!)
Happy Birthday Dad! And keep Dreaming!!!