Nov 12, 2010

Jonny D's Defender

This thing makes your Zuke look like a Power Wheel!

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  1. Hi miss Sarah! I thought I would comment on here to ensure that you get this little note. I miss you. I really do. When I finished my run in St. George I thought, ahh I wish I could call Sarah and tell her how it went. Anyway, I looked up wheel chairs for Smithy and I found an awesome one called the Stingray! Pretty awesome name! We are getting him fitted for it the monday after thanksgiving. I like the pics of all the doors in Germany, they are beeeautiful! Have you made any friends? Are you learning the language? Do you like the weather? Caleb went out to California for a week to visit his Dad. So Chloe and Kristin are having a girls week. I think I want to take them to the nickle city and get a blow up unicorn. Well, I think you are awesome-o-possom and I hope you Germay is treating you well! Lov you and miss you@