Mar 13, 2011


On Tuesday, we went to the Fasching parade. Here are a few of the best attractions.
Our friend Tina and her son Mauritz
Some of the fantastic costumes. We liked the polar bear best.
Some very fancy floats. This was as good as they got.
The dancing girls and their matching wigs.
The middle-aged men and their matching wigs.
The girl that was sad that she didn't get a matching wig.
The Adult Candy Dispenser
(While kids collected candy, their parents enjoyed the Heidelberger Beer Dispenser)
The Flying Witches
We weren't sure if we thought this was cool or just weird. 
The People from Atlantis handing out blue noses.
And the surprise visit from Ben! 
It was really fun to see someone from home.
 Especially someone who gets as excited to eat gelato as we do!
This was definitely not your good ol' Strawberry Days Parade.